How do we keep the Warrior Culture alive in America? We bring the tenant of military leadership to the civilian world by building bridges for our veterans to compete and thrive in the civilian workforce.

A Veteran "Dogface Soldier" of the Army's 3rd Infantry Division Seamus Murphy now serves as a management consultant with Accenture in New York City. Seamus initially reached out to Ranger For Life to share opportunities for veterans to thrive at Cornell University. Seamus is from the upstate of New York, but Cornell was far from what he thought would be his reality for higher education upon graduation from high school.

Like many veterans, Seamus's service and experiences overseas provided him a level of confidence to compete for a top-flight education upon his transition from service. But first, Seamus would have to humble himself by gaining a solid start in community college before gaining admission to Cornell. Once on the campus, Seamus found the services for veterans to be lacking. Like any good NCO, he took charge and helps build up the undergraduate student veterans program and is now championing Cornell as part of the recently founded veterans alumni network.

Most veterans that continue to stay involved in the betterment of their communities do exactly what Seamus did and is doing - filling the gaps and educating others on the opportunities not just in transition, but opportunities available by service.

Thanks for reaching out, Seamus.

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