Just when you thought you heard it all, Army Ranger veteran Timothy Spalla joins us on A More Elite Podcast this Thursday at 12 pm ET.

After separating from service, Tim continued in the military intelligence field as a contractor. Working in Africa, Tim decided he wanted to turn from hunting terrorist groups to hunting exotic animal poachers. After years in the bush, he decided to seek treatment for prior trauma experienced on active duty.

Realizing that he could not be the only veteran dealing with trauma years after service, Tim made a huge career pivot and enrolled in Regis University with the goal of becoming a licensed clinical medical health counselor.

Now a Class of 2022 Pat Tillman Scholar, Tim is a co-founder of The Wounded Healer nonprofit. Knowing that positive clinical counseling results are enhanced with a counselor that has a shared experience with the patient, Tim’s vision is to increase military veterans in the counseling profession.

Tim’s journey proves there is no such thing as being “just a Ranger.” His story is #forAmerica.

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