US Army Ranger veteran Nick Devlin joined the Army at 29 years old during the height of the Global War on Terror. Nick deployed four times with 1st Ranger Battalion. Before joining the Army, Nick was aware of his passion to make things better. After four years with the Rangers, Nick’s entrepreneurial spirit was lit by aligning his love of the fitness and outdoors with self-improvement.

Knowing the science of the healing properties of both nature and exercise, Nick knew his standing as an Army Ranger provided a level of “been there done that” hard to match. Nick was able to align his potential and passion with a purposeful career as a certified life coach providing the spark to an individual’s self-development and improvement.

Nick revealed an interesting detail from his experiences assisting clients during our conversation. Over the past three years, nearly all of the participants in his coaching program had a firm idea of their faith background. Interesting. We often think of those desiring counseling or coaching needing to “find” themselves. In Nick’s experience with life coaching, he finds those willing to seek guidance are rooted in a belief system. Nick’s clients know who they are and what they believe. His clients have the humility to acknowledge the truth of individual humanity – imperfection.

Hear how Nick encourages others to “take the leap” to live their life’s adventure on this week’s Ranger For Life A More Elite Podcast.

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